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    Meet Adrienne

    Scorpio Sun/Virgo Moon/Sagittarius Rising

    Adrienne believes the greatest adventures in life are most likely ones that are a little hard on your body, but why let that slow you down? After working as a kid’s ski instructor in Colorado for several years out of college and spending a summer working in Denali Park, Alaska, she learned the importance of taking care of your body. Activities that challenge the mind and body simultaneously while also connecting one to the natural wonders of the world may enliven the soul, but also can wreak havoc on your leg, back, and neck muscles.

    If you want to play hard, you’ve got to recover harder… Adrienne loves travelling whenenver life allows, particularly to places that allow her to be outside in the most unscathed of natural spaces. Whether it be skiing down a mountain or portaging into the Boundary Waters, Adrienne loves adventure, and knows that the biggest adventures require the most self-care at home. Through massage therapy, yoga, pilates, meditation, and writing, she’s been dedicating her life to developing the best mind-body care routines to keep you climbing mountains, or pursuing life as usual, without letting pain and tension slow you down.

    Meet Daniel

    Cancer Sun/Sagittarius Moon/Libra Rising

    Daniel spent the first several years of his adulthood traveling the country with not much more than a backpack. From biking the Oregon coast to surfing the beaches of Hawaii, his passion for adventure inspired him to get into massage therapy. He realized early that keeping your body healthy is key to being able to do more and go farther.

    Today, he helps you work through the tension and trigger points that build up from everything from work and daily life, to the sports you love, or that backpacking trek into the Boundary Waters you did last week.

    Daniel graduated from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School and Clinic with his then-girlfriend, current wife, Adrienne, specializing in Western Therapeutic Massage.